The oracle apart from a forecast is at the same time also an advice how you accomplish what you wish and how to avoid unwanted situations. For example you ask for an erotic conquest and the answer is that you make an unsettled life and this is bad for you. This means, that in order to accomplish this conquest, you are supposed to change your way of life.

Write the question on paper as precicely as possible. Read it two, three times and at the moment you click the button, try to imagine the question. If you do not make a certain question, the unconscious self brings to the surface, what it thinks that it should notify you.

Keep the answer next to the question. Give attention in the facts of your life that have direct relation with the question. Combine the answer with them. Observe as much as possible more objective and examine carefully your attitude and your true motives. Your future is inside yourself. You are its creator.

For each question exists one and unique answer and that's the one you get first.